Each bottle is an
embodiment of the art

idilica decanted :
crafting elegance, savoring style

Refined bottle, Eco-Friendly Design

At Idilica, our inspiration is rooted in the sophisticated world of fashion and perfumery fromwhich we come.

Every detail of this bottle, from its slender glass silhouette to its refined cap, evokes the timeless charm of a high-end perfume bottle.

Meticulously designed, our bottle combines functionality and aesthetics. It stands out as a decorative element in its own right, adding a touch of sophistication and glamour to anyenvironment.

In our quest for design, we had a deep desire for ecological responsibility. Thus, our bottle, designed to be reused endlessly, aims to stop waste and non-recycling. The distinctive grooves of the bottle, in addition to being a symbol of authenticity, craftsmanship and Mexican origin of our tequila, evoke the agave landscapes of the regions of Jalisco, highlighting our commitment to local traditions and respect for the environment.

It symbolizes the harmonious marriage between the art of distillation and the aesthetics of haute couture, offering a visual experience as pleasant as tasting our tequila.

Cuisson de l'agave
Cuisson de l'agave
Cuisson de l'agave